Parents & Parents-to-be

Are you feeling stressed with your new baby?   

 “Your emotions will never be the same again”


         Post Natal Depression is more common than you may think: don’t suffer alone.


                         Needing support is alright too.  


You may need us due to the normal new-parent’s ‘worrying’ or even the overwhelming sense of responsibility for a new-born; allow us as professionals and Health Visitors at THVC, to help you on this special journey of parenthood.


Health Visiting Plus Service

All new Mothers can receive, FREE of charge, at least one visit from an NHS Health Visitor and Midwife.  In the early days you may need general advice and support with your new baby (as did most of us).  

As well as being professionally qualified, as Health Visitors and/or Midwives, more importantly we are mothers too, so, we understand how it feels in those first few weeks and months.  We are on-hand when and if you need us.  The service is accessible to you whether or not your birth was NHS or private.  

We are in it for the Long-haul 

The early days, of parenthood, you may need support and advice on feeding your baby (breast and/or formula) or how to establish a good sleep routine and oodles of reassurance; as your baby grows and develops their own individual character, support may be needed as to how to encourage the desired behaviour or just reassurance that your child is attaining their developmental milestones.

As Health Visitors we start to build relationships from early pregnancy through to when your now not-so-little-one goes off to school.

At THVC you are able to mix and match how often you see us (even 30 minutes) and who else you see on your journey.

We can be available to you from the moment you are confident that you are pregnant.  We want to get to know you well.  We can visit you at home or shop with you for your confinement before you have your baby, visit you in hospital and visit you once you and your baby have been discharged.  

We provide an individual service to you when it is most needed.  

We aim to empower you as a Parent or Parent-to-be with Support and Advice, for you to be the best that you know you can be.




Further Information (Fees)


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our competitive Care packages, which,  start from 3 visits of up to 45 mins each

Or individual single-contact-visit booked ‘as and when’ needed  (this works out a little more)

A small one-off registration fee applies.


Additional services/discussions and seminars


Baby Massage

Anaphylaxis (detecting severe allergies)


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